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Hello. I'm KOTZ (Knight of the Zodiac) Scorpio. If your on this website that means you must have pass the tryouts. So if you are here to join if your not then just leave this website. Lets get to the rules.


1. Don't disrespect the commanders or anyone else unless your playing around

2. Don't be annoying  

3. Tell me or the commanders if you recruit  

4. If one person is causing you trouble or making you sad or bullying you tell a higher rank or commander 

These are all the rules for right now so read them. Now that we went over the rules lets get to the ranking system and how to rank up.
                                                                                                                                 HOW TO RANK UP
1. Recruit                                                                                     (read rules and motto and recruit 5 people )

2. Private                                                                                     (recruit 15 people )

3. Private first class                                      ( recruit 25 people and hosted 15 meetings and went to 15 meetings)

4. Corporal                       (recruited 45 people and hosted 30 game nights and went to 30 attend a sergeant meeting)

5. Sergeant                          (recruited 60 and hosted 40 game nights and went to 60 and tells higher rank what are all the ranks and attend 5 sergeant meetings )

6. Staff Sergeant                    (recruited 80 and hosted 55 and went to 80 meetings and attend  15 sergeant meeting)

7. Master Sergeant              ( recruited 95  and hosted 65 and went to 95 meetings and attend 30 sergeant meetings)

8. Sergeant meetings      ( recruited 115 and hosted 85 and went to 115 meetings and attend 50 sergeant meetings)

9.  2nd lieutenant               ( recruited 130 and hosted 105 and went to 130 meetings and attend 51 sergeant meeting and 5 lieutenant meeting)

10. 1st lieutenant                  ( recruited 155 and hosted 125 and went to 155 meetings and attend 15 lieutenant meetings)

11. Captain                               (recruited 170 and hosted 145 and went to 170 meetings and attend  16 lieutenant and talk with a founder and take a oath)

12. Major                                   (recruited 190 and hosted 165 and went to 190 meetings and name 20 people you recruited) 

13. Lieutenant Colonel         ( recruited 210 and hosted 185 and went to 210 meetings and name 35 people you recruited and attend colonel meeting)

14. Colonel   ( recruited 220 and hosted 205 and went to 225 meetings and attend colonel meeting and General meeting )

15. Brigadier General  ( recruited 240 and hosted 215 and went to 240 meetings and attend colonel meeting and attend 10 general meetings) 

16. Major General (recruited 260 and hosted 230 and went to 260 meetings and attend 20 general meetings ) 

17. Lieutenant General ( recruited 280 and hosted 245 and went to 280 meetings and attend general meeting and attend commander meeting and talk to founder)

18. Commander (Co-Division Leader)   (recruited 300 and hosted 260 and went to 300 meetings and host general meeting)

19. Division Leader (recruited 320 and hosted 280 and went to 320 meetings and give a full report daily to the Co-Founder and attend Division Leader meeting)

20. Co-Founder (give reports to Founder Daily)

21. Founder (deal with all the problems and concerns and will host Division Leaders meeting)


Meetings and Game Night -  Friday  Saturday Sunday 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm Eastern Time
Sergeant Meetings - Friday Saturday Sunday 9:00 - 10:00 pm Eastern Time 
Lieutenant Meetings - Monday Tuesday 8:00 - 9:00 pm Eastern
Colonel Meetings- Friday 8:00 - 8:30 ( I will send you a invite)
General Meetings- Saturday 10:00 - 11:00 pm Eastern Time 
Division Leader Meetings- Saturday (8:00-9:00) Eastern Time 

(Game Nights count as a meeting)


1. No disrupting the host while he or she is talking about important stuff 

2. If you cant attend message a higher rank 

3. Ask a founder or Co-founder if you can be a host

4. I will tell you what important stuff needs that needs to be known


EXAMPLE-  Recruited by KSI Inori and whatever the date is 


KOTZ whatever the divisions initials are and their rank

Thanks and welcome to Knights of the Zodiac 
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